5 Do’s and Don’ts Of Cleaning Stone Benchtops

Stone benchtops can come in a variety of different options with a range of features and impressions that can influence your ideal design. Stone or marble benchtops are a reliable building material when wanting to create a high-end aesthetic and overall polished finish. Once stone benchtop is installed, you will want to maintain the marble or any other natural stone by cleaning it properly to ensure it lasts a lifetime, just like your home.



1. Wipe down with a soft cleaning material

When you are cleaning your stone surface, you immediately think about what kind of chemical spray is needed for this situation. Well, forget about it. The only basic things that are needed are warm or room temperature water, a sponge, or a smooth cloth. if available a specific cleaning solution that is designed for cleaning stone building materials.

2. Clean the spill immediately

Sometimes it is inevitable for a mess or spill to happen. Fluids like beverages, sauces, oils, and blemishes from food can leave a stain. The natural stone material is porous and penetrable. As a result, cleaning the stain immediately is directly beneficial to avoid long-term damage and marks on your stone benchtops.

3. Use the right cleaning solutions

Due to the appealing nature and placement of marble and stone benchtops, they need to be taken care of with proper maintenance and preservation. An overstated approach is to use a natural stone cleaning solution. Keep away from harsh chemicals or detergents, these can cause extensive detrimental damage and long-term deterioration.

4. Implement the use of coasters and placemats

On a personal note, try to make an effort to prevent staining. An ideal method is using coasters and covering placemats, to protect stone benchtops from substances that may stain.

5. Prevent cosmetics and fragrances from touching stone surfaces

Cosmetic products and fragrances can leave little particles on the surface of your stone benchtops, which could irritate the natural coating of the stone, causing abrasive stains and discoloration.


1. Avoid abrasive scrubbers and scrapers

Applying an aggressive and rough material on natural stone will definitely lead to scratching and cutting on your stone benchtop. So, act accordingly, stop using metallic scrubbers like steel wool and use sponges and moist clothes instead.

2. Try to avoid placing hot items or materials on stone benchtops

Prevent setting exceedingly heated objects on stone benchtops. Despite, natural stone and marble being recognised as durable and robust, it does have limitations on the damage it can take to look visually appealing and remain feasible. A few stone benchtops are designed to be heat resistant, but they are not entirely heat-proof. Consequently, lengthy, and persistent exposure to extreme heat may lead to discoloration or fracturing of the natural stone material.

3. Do not use the wrong cleaners

Alkali detergents, acidic substances, bleach, and oily wipes. These chemical solutions are best required for other specific cleaning situations, not stone benchtops. Reading and researching the product information of cleaning materials so you can make informed decisions that are best for natural stone cleaning.

4. Vulnerable areas can arise in stone benchtops

Stone benchtops are levelled. However, prospective weak points can occur, which could lead to damage, or worse, someone getting hurt. So, do not allow children or other individuals to sit or stand on the benchtop, it may lead to injury. Instead sitting on chairs surrounding the stone benchtop.

5. Avoid cutting the stone surface directly

Cutting stone is a common accident that occurs during daily activities, mainly through cooking pursuits. As a result, the actions of knives and other sharp objects may lead to slashes and dents on your stone benchtops.

As products are continually evolving, speaking with an industry professional will help you decide on the best cleaner and sealer for your individual application.

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