Five reasons why apartments are better than houses

Apartment living offers the mixture of a hassle-free lifestyle, convenience and security that the ownership of a house cannot match.

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Buying a unit is also comparatively cheaper because it does not come with the cost of purchasing – or maintaining – an entire block of land.

Many people are turning their back on detached houses because they come with the responsibility of continual maintenance without the benefits of a modern development, such as a gym, spa, tennis courts, communal garden and on-site security.

Apartment living is also an ecologically-friendly alternative to residing in a detached house because far less land and resources are used to accommodate you. This is an increasingly important factor for buyers who are conscious of looking after the environment.

We outlined five reasons an apartment lifestyle appeals:

  1. Affordable pricing – Apartment pricing is usually lower than detached houses and townhouses. This is great news for first-time buyers, especially if they prioritise lifestyle over owning a big mortgage.
  2. Lifestyle at your door – Most new apartments feature great amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and communal garden with barbeques. While your strata fees help pay for these, you’ll not waste Saturday mornings mowing the lawn and weeding flower beds and can lock the door to travel without worrying about maintenance.
  3. Safe and secure – CCTV and good security is a feature at major apartment blocks, offering a quality of security that’s too expensive for the average house owner.
  4. Lower bills – As apartments are usually more compact than houses, bills for air-conditioning and heating will be much lower.
  5. Easy access – Apartment buildings are usually built close to public transport, and transit authorities will change routes and timetables where developments are large enough to warrant it. The ability to drive into the garage and catch a lift to your floor also makes it easier to remain mobile as you get older.
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